Film music, compositions and arrangement for you, directors!


Pianist and percussionist of formation, my inspiration has always been nourished by multiple music according to the periods.

The music of the world is an inexhaustible source of new atmospheres.

I have nearly 80 percussions from all over the world, with membrane, metal, wood, pottery, carved. The study of ethnological music for 11 years was a real change of course in my life.

Classical music, which remains my essential source in terms of melodic research.
Jazz, soul, funk, rock and black American music in general through which I refined my potential in arrangement with personalities like Bill Dobbins, Francois Lubrano, current director of Spedidam, and Jean-Louis Billioud, double bass player.
Current music more generally associated with technical progress that offers us magnificent creative perspectives.
Resolutely turned towards the mixture of genres, I like to combine the musicality of traditional and contemporary instruments. The melody, the ambience, the choice of instruments, make a sound staging and how to place the instruments we have chosen in space so that our effect is what it should be.

Vincent Laplace - Compositeur et arrangeur

Throughout my career, I have agreed to work and test myself with artists from quite unlikely backgrounds, each with real lessons to be learned.

When I compose music, it is an original creation, thought and thoughtful under your direction. It’s kind of your music to you too, that’s how I hear it.

I have a lot to offer for audiovisual, cinema and entertainment.

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